RockFloss uses the science of compression and fascial shearing to help ‘unstick’ muscles and joints so they move better and with less pain. This is a technique of soft tissue/ fascial mobilization or stretching that can help anyone that has pain or impaired biomechanics due to tight muscle or fascia. A large compression band is tightly wrapped around the region of restriction and the person performs movements to floss the area. The individual will experience an increased range of motion with decreased pain and soft tissue restrictions. The area will also have rebound vasodilation which will increase blood circulation and deliver increased oxygen and nutrients to promote healing and mobility of the area.

Would you like to know more about RockFloss? Contact us at Mesa, AZ center. We’ll schedule an appointment and assess whether or not you’re a good candidate. It’s not for everybody. Our skilled physical therapists will do a full assessment of your condition and needs.

Five star review

I found Courtney and the cupping offered was just what I needed! It felt like an almost instantaneous fix. He helped me learn stretches and exercises to strengthen my shoulders for long-term results. My tendinitis has gotten a lot better but I still go in for cupping before meets or during heavy training. It keeps my muscles loose and keeps them from straining or tearing. All in all, Courtney has helped me out a lot in my athletic career.

– Jacob S.

Five star review

I was refereed to PR Lab by a friend. I came here on two different occasions to seek treatment 1) grade 2 lateral sprained ankle and 2) lower back strain muscle. Dr. Courtney Warren and Wendy were very thought with the treatment for both of these injuries. I was able to make a fast recovery and go back to my regular activities due to dry needling and cupping therapy. I highly recommend this place to anyone who seeks physical therapy or overall treatment for range of motion.

- Melissa S.